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Wood-fired Pizza.

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Hand Pressed Pizza

At KiaOra Pizza we believe in quality, our pizza dough is made fresh, and aged for at least 24 hours. Dough that is shaped, and proofed after a slow cold fermentation demonstrate's noticeably better flavor, texture, and structure..


    At KiaOra Pizza we source as much local produce as available, where possible our preference for quality Tasmanian products makes the flavour and presentation of our Pizza superior in texture, and taste .

  • TASMANIAN OWNED and OperateD

    We are proud to be Tasmanian owned and operated. Our mission is to provide a product of the highest quality from predominately fresh Tasmanian products with a focus on providing friendly, and helpful service.


    At KiaOra Pizza we honestly believe in the art of wood-fired cooking. Some people believe the “base” has to be perfect, we believe the “whole pizza” needs to be perfect!

  • Friendly helpful Service

    We believe friendly helpful service is paramount to making your experience at KiaOra Pizza one to remember, and hope you will return again for another great wood-fired pizza, and friendly service.

From The Pizza Chef’s

At KiaOra Pizza we believe in giving you a top quality product with top quality service. Our pizza dough is made fresh by us using high quality Tasmanian flour and ingredients, we then cold ferment the dough (age for at least 24 hours) to ensure the texture and flavors are fully developed before shaping the dough into its final form. The dough is then topped with quality ingredients, and placed directly on the oven floor. The extreme heat from the oven raises the dough once again and the flavors from the wood-fire, ingredients, and dough all combine to make the best pizza in town!

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